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I help Christian Entrepreneur ladies find meaning in their lives by focusing on God and not their situation- so they can restore and/or deepen their relationship with Jesus

I am Rachel McCants, an author, speaker, founder of R. Lindsay Unlimited and the lady that wakes up early and starts with Jesus.

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God had to physically break me to help me and get me on the path He wanted me to be on.


Being bald twice (due to radiation and chemo) made me hit rock bottom and learn where my true self-worth and identity come from and I help ladies do the same.

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About Rachel

I am Rachel McCants, an author, speaker, founder of R. Lindsay Unlimited and the lady that wakes up early and starts with Jesus. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communication with a minor in English from the University of Texas at Arlington and was born and raised in Dallas TX. My health was impacted in a major way in 2016. A growing brain tumor inspired R. Lindsay Unlimited, a business devoted to encourage, inspire, and challenge ladies to discover and raise their self-worth and standards, not settle and walk in God’s will in all aspects of their lives. I published my first book, Ladies As We Love Ourselves: A 6-Step Program to Self-Worth in 2019.

Now, Christians hire me to ignite a dose of Jesus because most do not seek Him first, get too busy, get too stressed and fall short of accomplishing their goals. I support them to achieve growth in their relationship with Christ AND become more productive through a morning routine. Bottom Line: It’s by His grace.

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Rachel's Talks

HindSight Is 20/20

Participants will travel through Rachel’s life journey and experience with her and witness God's providence through a Grade III brain tumor, radiation, chemo, being bald twice and now being completely healed. They will experience true hindsight, and a journey, in hindsight, as to why hindsight is 20/20.


The inspiration will cause them to pay attention to what God is doing in their life now in setting them up for success and their purpose.


Jumpstart with Jesus

We all need a morning routine!


Participants will learn how to create a beneficial morning routine for themselves that will transform their life all while starting with Christ first.


Diamond In the Rough

Ladies will learn to truly value themselves while being a diamond in the rough.


This talk will transform their lives by helping them realize their gifts, strengths and talent through Christ that they have been blessed with.

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I now spend an hour each morning with Jesus and have time afterwards to listen to worship music, read, and work out. My days are more productive, I'm physically and mentally sharper, and I am finally sleeping better, after almost a year of struggling with sleep. 

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