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  • Early Morning Dose of Jesus

    Every month
    Start every day the RIGHT way!
    • Motivation to start your day and week off strong.
    • Daily encouraging video sent at your preferred time.
    • Community and accountability.


Second only to Jesus, Rachel is the BEST way to wake up!  I've been participating in Early Mornings with a Dose of Jesus for four weeks now and it has changed my days for the better!  I now spend an hour each morning with Jesus and have time afterwards to listen to worship music, read, and work out.  My days are more productive, I'm physically and mentally sharper, and I am finally sleeping better, after almost a year of struggling with sleep.  I'd highly recommend that you give EMDJ a try- you won't regret it!


-Sage Appleby

I am probably at this point the OLDEST of the group.  I have taught a lot, preached a lot, and prayed a lot, but EMDJ and Rachel, have definitely brought a fresh and clean perspective to my early morning.  It is such a joy to be affirmed, when you’re usually the one doing the affirming.  It is a sweet time spent with Jesus with a group of women that LOVE the Lord and the sweet smell resonates in my mind and heart through out the day....


Faithfully Submitted, 

Minister Debra D. Reed-Powell

It is hard to put into words the value of EMDJ so I’ll do my best - but that should speak volumes already! Rachel is an amazing woman who has intentionally decided to obey Jesus for a vision of gathering women together early in the morning and starting their day off right. Many of us are looking for community already and do not know where to go. This is an amazing opportunity to meet with other women who are spiritually investing in their walk lead by Rachel. It’s an early morning call yes, however, by choosing to be committed, I am now up an hour earlier studying the Word. That’s the value that I see in the call. To help me prepare my heart and mind as I go out into the world. Trust me, you will not regret EMDJ .




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